What I would tell my younger self…

What I would tell my younger self.

  1. Maintain and protect your voice, your truth no matter what 
  2. Find your tribe who accepts embraces and celebrates you and whom you can as well
  3. Act act act when in doubt 
  4. Focus on what you can affect and the positive
  5. Live in the moment of possibility

Today (at 52), I continue to learn to claim and embrace myself as I am.

What I am realizing and learning is that self-acceptance and self-love are essential to self-worth. And, without self-worth, one can not truly live- and show-up to one’s potential.

It seems most of my adult life has been justifying decisions and who I am. Not feeling enough but also not acting to get to enough. Why?

Fear of failure, relinquishing faith to live a full life? Why wouldn’t I do what I can to reach full potential? Too much work, too hard, too scared, too what?

What I have now is this.

The ability to embrace, celebrate and accept me as I am. And two choices: accept or act.  Whatever decisions, I assume full responsibility. For the life I live is the one I choose, 100% my responsibility.

What would I tell my younger self? Live, celebrate and protect YOU. In every situation, no matter how hard, stick to YOU.



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