Living Truth…

maya_angelou_heart_5481I had a chat on Friday that left me kind of down because my words and actions were not in alignment with my truth. I was tempted to justify and excuse my feelings to stay the course but instead I started to reflect.

It led me to listen to a plethora of Tedtalks last night featuring Oprah, Tony Robbins and Pico Iyer (through Oprah). What they all have in common (aside from their success) is that they are all living their truth and, in doing so, able to make their greatest contribution because they are living in their highest state of potential.

Pico Iyer in his TedTalk “The Art of Stillness” shares his love for travel when he thinks most of us have the opportunity of stillness away from our on the go lives. Practicing stillness allows us to create the space and time to allow us clarity.

But the biggest “aha moment” was that “FAILURE IS INFORMATION AND OPPORTUNITY” ~Oprah.

Often times when something doesn’t work-out, it’s because we didn’t really want it or believe in it and, if it does, we are left feeling unhappy or unfulfilled. I do believe that living our passion creates conviction, an undeniable force, that leads and pulls us in a certain direction.

I believe childhood dreams are often our truth and essence.

To live truth as I know it and not allow fear of failure and fear of what others may or may not think is my lifelong goal.

To BIG DREAMS, LIVING OUR TRUTH and going forth with COURAGE! Loves and hugs!