Every Day Counts…

bikramI have been up and down with my exercise and diet these past few months…what I’m realizing is that each day is an opportunity to make better decisions.

Wednesday night, I succumbed to an old habit of late night snacking. I purposely don’t keep unhealthy snacks (or try not to) around except for my children (not that they should be eating unhealthy either!) and so there I was eating frosted mini wheats and shrimp chips at 10pm!

I awoke Thursday feeling ok but later on dragged through my workout thinking it was due to working-out earlier in the week. I could have continued to eat poorly as I have had in the past during my bad phases but decided it was a new day to make better choices on Thursday and consequently had a great Bikram class today, Friday.

I know that even though I’m getting older, I’m feeling better and fitter than I ever have but it requires continuous effort. I’m here to say, that each day and every day counts!

I share my journey hoping to inspire other Moms’ and women who may not believe they can be their healthiest at our age and who may fear making changes. Change is hard but so is looking back upon your life with regret. Believe!