Be Kind Project…

stopbullyWhen I saw this particular drawing my daughter created with her stylus and iPad mini (this generation’s freehand drawing), I was touched by its message and encouraged her to share it.

As a tween herself, Nicole can relate and empathize with the rite of passage of being a middle schooler and the impact kindness versus bullying can have on one.

It is our hope that by encouraging kindness in our personal interactions, we can have a ripple effect on worldwide peace.

Thank you for your support.

Her drawing is now available on shirts that can be purchased directly at:


holidayus3.jpgTonight, I truly felt what it means to sacrifice oneself for their child.  As a parent, we tend to be defensive about our children when it comes to situations, issues and other instances that are school and otherwise related.

Today, I received an email from my son’s teacher that SHOCKED me.  What was shocking wasn’t the content as much as the circumstances of which I believe the email was written (under the influence of a parent).  I am appalled at the moment and have sent an email to not only the other parent, teacher but principal.  I not only stand by my son but ALL children who may be ‘victims’ of parent(s) who may not be fully aware of and responsible for their children’s actions.

I will not and do not tolerate manipulation, twisting of facts and other means to defend our children but rather truth and lessons learned so that our children may grow-up to be responsible, caring and exemplary citizens.

Coincidentally or not, my daughter created and designed a shirt recently with the message “stop bullying” and I was struck by the realization that bullying can occur at any age and not only amongst children and teens but adults.  As a Mother, individual and citizen, I will do all I can “to be the change I wish to see in the world” and to uphold kindness, honesty and love.

Life isn’t complicated and happiness stems from simplicity but we complicate things when we aren’t happy with who we are at the core.  If we have nothing to hide then we are open, vulnerable, loving and caring. Believe!