maldivesThey say do what you can today when you can and want because tomorrow is not a guarantee.

I also understand that sometimes we can’t always do what we want today because we have other things we must do based in reality and some times our dreams can not sustain our reality. What I’m also discovering though is that dreams are rooted in passion and passion is the common denominator and determinant for success as we read, hear and learn about different successful companies and their leaders and founders: they all started with an idea when matched with passion became reality.

It’s this balancing act of keeping our dreams alive while living in reality and also taking small but tangible steps towards realizing our dreams that make it some times challenging to live our dreams and not get caught-up and immersed in the daily to do lists and activities of life.

As I surface from the logistics of divorce and my move to a new abode and the start of a new routine and schedule, I’m not only blessed with the opportunity to start anew but also living the reality that change can be unsettling and making dreams a reality isn’t always an obvious endeavor of steps 1,2 and 3.  So I go about my day with my usual routine of exercise, emails (school and otherwise), my blog (which has till this day been not only an outlet and blessing but effortless as well) to figuring-out what next in terms of being able to share, help and inspire while supporting myself with the help of my family.

I am a worker and always will be… I like activity, I like to be moving and I like knowing that something is going to be accomplished. I have had an idea of what it is but I’m still not sure how but guiding me is the mindset that I am motivated by the “fear of regret” more than anything else so there is nothing that seems too absurd or worthless in trying.

An exercise that was once shared with me left such an impression because it makes one realize that if change is not made today and put-off repeatedly, before we know it, we are looking back with regret. Imagine and project your life 5 years out, if you were to continue on your current path, would you be happy? If not, then change is necessary.

To believing that we all have a choice to live our dreams and passion and to wake-up daily excited about the opportunities that lay ahead!

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