yogaThe power of meditation used to be a mystery but I recently experienced a 15 minute meditation with a friend who also shared the benefits of it and how it has helped them to reverse the negative chatter and thoughts that we sometimes allow our minds to succumb.I know I am guilty of allowing myself to analyze, assume and talk negatively to myself when it’s not only unwarranted and unmerited but simply destructive and an inefficient use of time and energy.
What my friend shared and I learned from the exercise is that meditation is about not only quieting the mind but respecting the gaps between our thoughts and actions and training our minds to become unconditioned: akin to a baby’s mind that is void of experiences and thus has not yet gained knowledge and thoughts.
Like with any change and new habit, the hardest part is the first step of action. I have the tools and certainly the time but have not yet incorporated meditation so I will make this one of my monthly goals.  As a wise young soul once shared, weekly intentions and monthly goals are our map.  Without a map, we are more likely to meander and wander so with this new addition to my map, I hope to improve the quality of my life by replacing negative chatter with peaceful and/or positive thoughts.

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