What, how and WHY…

viprquoteSince I stepped into a fitness facility six years ago encouraged by my family to take a break in the day, my life has transformed in more ways than one without plan. What transpired was a newfound passion for fitness that empowered and gave me strength to believe in myself.

Today, I am asked by friends and Moms’ what and how but what I’ve learned is that it’s all about the WHY that will sustain long-term lifestyle changes. Thank you www.fns360.com and Brian Nunez for the support and all that I have learned this past year including the WHY for all that we do.

For me, exercise and diet are just part of my lifestyle now and for those who know me, I don’t have the perfect diet but I’m mindful of the quantity and quality (to an extent) of my diet and love my exercise routine.  So as I approach another experience this Saturday, my first figure competition, I am fully aware of the changes I needed to make to be my best but I also realize that I was undergoing life altering changes simultaneously and made the choice to participate as I am which is the result of six years of a lifestyle.

I share this experience with a dear friend who represents dedication and commitment in every sense of the words and set a goal to be her best for this upcoming competition for which she has accomplished.  We are what we choose and want. So to my dear Mommy friends who ask me what and how, I say, find your WHY and you will be what you want and figure-out and live the how. Believe :)!!

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