Power of decisions and choices…

poolsideIt occurred to me today during my workout that though I may know how I explained to my children my recent participation in a figure competition, a few of my Mommy friends and others may not know.

Now that we are living in a smaller space and our time together is that much more valuable, I have noticed that we tend to herd around the house. When I’m in my bathroom, the kids naturally gravitate to my bed and, when I’m in the kitchen, we are in the family area so naturally when I tried on my figure bikini, my children were close by and, consequently, I shared with them the competition.

I explained to them that everyone has their own reason(s) for competing and that Mommy’s primary reason was to illustrate that we define who we are and that if we allow labels to define us then we have essentially usurped our power to decide and make choices.

They are aware of my blog, fitness as part of my lifestyle and, now, they are also aware that we all have the power to make decisions and choices. Believe!


inba2The photos represent a ten year span…Life is a journey and one that we may not always anticipate as planned but with each and every decision and opportunity, we create a path we choose and hope to look back upon with a smile and no regrets!

This past Saturday, I participated in my first figure competition in Oakland, CA: INBA’s “The Night of the Natural Champions” (International Natural Bodybuilding Association).  It was a 2 month journey that should have involved a strict food plan (of macro numbers protein, fat, fiber and carbs), exercise and learning to walk and pose.  I failed at meeting my food plan numbers but attribute a six year lifestyle and mindful eating to an extent as my preparation.  I was honored to have placed at the show.

What I’m learning is each goal we set creates a path of memories, a patch in a quilt of life and either serves a specific purpose or is part of a longer term plan. This competition was an experience I chose because I wanted to prove to myself and represent to other Moms’ and women that we not only have the power to define ourselves by our choices but also to choose our mindset.  I am a Mom in my 40’s recently divorced but I am also an individual who continues to have goals and dreams.  One life, believe :)!


pauloToday I literally ran into my past. On the one hand nostalgic, on the other hand relief and realization that I have moved-on since my divorce.

They say that when couples part, friends side and change. In my case, I never thought this would happen but it has and, along the way, I’ve gained new and parted with old.

As I mature, I realize how valuable and precious time has become: time with my children is priority as I now share custody of them so I choose to surround myself with people who encourage, support, understand and relate to the me of now and whom I can reciprocate equally.

I feel liberated and empowered knowing that I am now living a life of choice, intention and purpose and no longer shoulds. Believe!

What, how and WHY…

viprquoteSince I stepped into a fitness facility six years ago encouraged by my family to take a break in the day, my life has transformed in more ways than one without plan. What transpired was a newfound passion for fitness that empowered and gave me strength to believe in myself.

Today, I am asked by friends and Moms’ what and how but what I’ve learned is that it’s all about the WHY that will sustain long-term lifestyle changes. Thank you www.fns360.com and Brian Nunez for the support and all that I have learned this past year including the WHY for all that we do.

For me, exercise and diet are just part of my lifestyle now and for those who know me, I don’t have the perfect diet but I’m mindful of the quantity and quality (to an extent) of my diet and love my exercise routine.  So as I approach another experience this Saturday, my first figure competition, I am fully aware of the changes I needed to make to be my best but I also realize that I was undergoing life altering changes simultaneously and made the choice to participate as I am which is the result of six years of a lifestyle.

I share this experience with a dear friend who represents dedication and commitment in every sense of the words and set a goal to be her best for this upcoming competition for which she has accomplished.  We are what we choose and want. So to my dear Mommy friends who ask me what and how, I say, find your WHY and you will be what you want and figure-out and live the how. Believe :)!!