“Dreams are within Reach…”

When I reflect on the past 6 years of my life and where I’m at today, it almost seems like destiny but is a result of decisions that were not always immediately apparent, sometimes painful but fundamental to the life I decided I needed and wanted to live.  What has transpired during the time was a realization that I wasn’t living a life of passion and purpose though I always wanted to be a Mom and relish having children but was left with a void as an individual and not fully nourished or nourishing as a partner.  I went from being a very involved school volunteer to an empowered individual through fitness.  During the transition, I dealt with guilt of being less involved and more attentive and attuned to my own needs as both an individual and partner.

Sharing my journey wasn’t planned because I didn’t know I had one until I started living my changes and transition.  My blog has become my purpose to help inspire others to believe in themselves, their dreams, passion and purpose in life because I was at a point in life where I could have gone either way: live life in the grey and in motion or believe in dreams and purpose and live a life of passion.

When we meet people who are successful or who seem to have reached their goals and fulfilled their dreams, it almost seems like it happened ‘overnight’.  What I realized and am realizing myself is that life is a journey and not an overnight success.  How I am physically through my love of fitness started 6 years ago and has empowered me to believe in myself and my dreams as a Mom with two in her 40’s.

This video clip was created by a photographer friend who paired Rocky’s motivational speech with an image he took to represent my journey: it does capture my purpose and dream.  BELIEVE!!

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