yogaI am so grateful for everything but there are moments when a convergence of overwhelming emotions and feelings occur and then I have a moment like right now…

In the past week alone, I have been touched by a friend who offered to bring over bone broth when I was fever ridden, a dear and old friend from HK persevere despite her unanswered calls who was ecstatic by a simple and long overdue email from me, my children’s friends’ Moms’, my dear GF’s, who are anxious to see my new home, my children who love me unconditionally as their Mommy despite my occasional zany ways , my family who has always been and is here for me and to someone so very special there are no words to describe my gratitude and thankfulness.

I feel slightly stressed thinking about my ‘purpose list’ (no longer to do list), a little overwhelmed by all that has transpired this week, let alone this past year, with a home sale, new home, family health scare, a new phase in life with a new parenting schedule and all that it entails, school prep as a Mom, my own needs and wants as an individual and a blog that has assumed a life of its own with advertising inquiries.

I couldn’t be more blessed, happy and full of life and passion. I am asked if “I am ok?”. The answer is a resounding YES!! Mandy Hale, “GROWTH is painful. CHANGE is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

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