jessTwo decades separate my friend and me…our choice, a state of mind, make it yours to feel and look your best at any age and point in time!
I accept that I won’t be getting much sleep tonight as the time diminishes between now and the time at which my alarm has been set for a morning workout!  I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve last posted here and I didn’t want another day to pass before posting!
Upon my return from attending IDEA, a worldwide fitness and health convention that was held in Anaheim, CA at LA LIVE, I almost immediately fell ill with a 24 hour bug.  The last time this happened was almost identical to this occurrence of being on the go with little sleep and then upon slowing down, almost immediately beset with forced rest and recovery.
While wriggling in bed on Monday, all I wanted to do was share my experience at the conference here on my blog.  Initially, I couldn’t quite figure-out what it was about this particular convention of professionals that distinguished it from a few others I’ve attended and I realized it could be described in two words: energy and passion both essential components to fitness as a lifestyle.
I debated how to share my weekend experience with photos and decided to accompany a few photos with captions with others meriting posts.  Here I share one photo of one of two roommates/friends I joined at the conference.  I realized that two decades separate us though we have fitness and laughter in common.
Just wanted to post this to say…thank you for sharing this journey of ours to live a life of passion.  I will be posting photos and stories in the next day.

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