viprI returned to our old home to pick-up a few items left behind and was taken aback by my emotional reaction upon seeing it empty being prepped for market. It was a clear indication of a chapter ended…almost 6 years since we relocated to the area. I never imagined this is where I’d be…then to pick-up the children at Daddy’s home and see them say bye for our long weekend together was all surreal.

Settling into my new home and moving forward, I am at peace and feel stronger each day and so thankful that the children seem to be doing well.  No regrets making a decision to change a path I had chosen but unfortunately left me unhappy for a variety of reasons for which I partly assume.

Wiser now about my needs, my strengths, my growth areas and most importantly starting a new phase where each day is ready to be lived with passion and purpose. One life, no regrets, our choice…make it yours!! Believe!!

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