Book 2, Chapter 1…


Sitting here at my ‘new local Starbucks’ as my internet service has yet to be connected. Thinking about all that has transpired this past weekend which is the culmination of a few years of counseling and a year of transition. Just spoke with my children on the phone and they are doing as well as can be and I’m so thankful their Dad and I were able to handle the situation amicably. Had a few tearful moments one of which was when their Dad returned a book which was a gift from me. He thought it was mine and hadn’t seen the inside cover note.

We are also both open to meeting others and were recently matched-up on an online dating site which was not only surreal but admittedly met with mixed emotions. I even felt a bit of jealousy but also relief as it’s a sign he is moving on as I am as well.

I’m preparing for a figure competition which has me on a food plan that is totally opposite of what I normally eat. I’m a carb person but this food plan is all protein. Since I’m not hitting my numbers for carbs and fats but most definitely have increased my protein intake, I’m gaining and wondering how this will all fall into place come show time. I’m committed for several reasons but most importantly to the mental discipline that will accompany this journey.

Since joining a dating site, I have, once again, made myself vulnerable to distraction and attention neither of which serves my long-term purpose to be my own person but have met some very interesting people who are in similar situations and have shared and offered insight into this process as newly single individuals, with children and new goals. I have had one person in particular who has been emotionally supportive so I struggle with falling prey to my own weakness and staying on course with defining myself and purpose. My goal is to be a solid ME that remains the same whether or not in a relationship.

My purpose is to continue sharing my journey to help inspire others who may feel paralyzed in their situation. The mind is powerful and I’m learning that once a decision is made, one tends to start making the choices that align with the decision.  For me, it was regaining my identity as Debbie in addition to Mommy and formerly Mrs and  finding the strength to redirect myself to live a life of passion, purpose and happiness.

Embarking on Book 2, Chapter 1, excited to see how it all transpires, full of ideas and what could be and seizing and creating opportunities: networking, reaching-out and LEARNING…To believing in your truth and happiness…to alignment of mind, body and soul.

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