“The Compound Effect”, by Darren Hardy

SFflowerEvery day is full of choices: to smile and laugh or to be complacent, to say hi or ignore, to ask how was your day or walk past someone, to compliment or not. Laughter is my tonic and how I go about my day but to be acknowledged and thanked for it certainly made my day today! Daily and momentary choices and decisions compounded can indeed change the quality of one’s life and those around you.

I am in the midst of the biggest transition in my life but with the support of friends and family and so much positivity around me what could be debilitating is instead hopeful and exciting: a perspective and choice I made so I can reflect on my life with a smile.

And I am still speechless. I am so happy to be here and on my FB page sharing what comes naturally because it is helping me through my transition. I am so thankful to all of you. All I want is each of us to assume responsibility of our lives and to make the decisions and choices that make us happy. Self belief must be self-directed and driven and is paramount to achieving our goals and dreams because there will always be those who will doubt and ask but that is life.

I don’t think I realize how many decisions and choices I am met with each day and though they may seem insignificant in the moment, compounded they create a pattern of behavior and form habits like anything we do repetitively.  Laughter and a smile are choices and have created my mindset which is now a habit.  Laughter is my tonic, my modus and my coping mechanism as well.  Laughter dissipates tension, alleviates situations and helps me connect with others.  It’s also my way of life.  My choice, my way and me.  Laughter is my happy lens :)!!  Have a great day!!

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