Facebook page…

From here to there...I am truly beyond words. I created two ads in the past 1.5 weeks both of which ran a few days. Consequently our page likes have almost doubled from 269 to 456. I’m speechless. Thank you for stopping by and fueling my purpose.

I had no idea what would transpire by sharing my journey publicly and I will continue as it has helped me through my own process and one of the most difficult transitions in my life from a wife/mom to a divorcee/mom and from full-time Mom to full-time Mom with a passion for a fitness and a dream.

I decided that I would no longer allow myself to be defined by labels and to fulfill the prophecy of their definition. I am not defying, I am being me and living my dreams and in so doing, I am defining who I am regardless of age, situation and anything else that I’m supposed to be.

It’s liberating, exciting and it’s how I choose and wish to live my life. A life of passion and truth. Allow yourself this gift! Live and love each day! Thank you thank you thank you for being here as we share our journeys together.

Forever grateful,


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