Journey continues…

beforecomp goldsHappy 4th everyone!! I’m thankful for each and every day I’m able to make the decisions and choices to fulfill and get closer to living my dreams.

Yesterday marked the first step in yet another journey and experience in my life! I made the decision to join a friend on stage at a figure competition to be held in September in the Bay Area.  I start training with Nick Colvill of Better Aesthetics Body Building (FB page) tomorrow.

I will be doing workouts specific to where I’m at today to where I need to be (targeting areas that need strengthening), monitoring my diet and learning how to pose and walk to feature my strengths and distinguish me from others while on stage.

It’s not something I’d ever imagine doing but after attending the 2013 NPC San Jose show this past weekend in support of a few friends, I was exposed to the world and appreciated and admired what I saw on stage: determination, dedication and passion for their sport and body as art in all forms.  I am excited but I’m also a bit overwhelmed by the whole process and idea but as I’m learning in life, dreams become reality when we decide to “just do it”!!

I consider this competition not only an experience but another step in my journey to getting closer to living my purpose and dream to inspire by hoping to meet and interview individuals of interest, celebrities and peers about their journeys and sharing them.  BELIEVE!!

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