Gift of choice…

jav-climbI created an ad this past weekend to help promote my bicepmom FB page but had no idea what would be the response (generated 74 new followers). I am at a loss with words because, on the one hand, my purpose is fueled by all of you and my hope is that by sharing my story that some part of it will resonate with those who have liked my page but, another part of me, is scared and asking how do I qualify and merit people’s support.
I am a mother of two (8 and 12 years) living a transition in the final stages of a divorce from someone I have known for 24 years and married to for 18 years. He is a wonderful father to our children and we are on amicable terms.  Fitness became my opiate for what I later realized was something missing in my life. That something was me as an individual and not only a mother and wife. I think as Moms, we naturally become so immersed in the role that logistically, it replaces whatever time and energy we have to nurture ourselves and our relationships…
This is what happened to me and I’m here to share, here to inspire and here to say that wherever you may be, allow yourself the gift of choice to live a life that makes you happy. Take it step by step and position yourself to where you want to go and what you’d like your life to be.  I never really understood the power of writing down but I have always had an active mind and easy visualization. What I’m trying to do now, is to note my visuals. I have a lot of dreams and I wake-up with excitement about my day just as I did as a child. Yes, I’m sad that the family unit has disbanded but I know that I will be much better as a person and MOM. Stay strong, believe and write down what you’d like your life to be 1, 3 and/or 5 years out. Start planning backwards and taking action. BELIEVE!!

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