Our state of being and mind is a choice, OUR VERY OWN…

flyflowersThis morning I awoke early to attend a 6am exercise class. With summer upon us and my children’s camp schedule, I have had to make accommodations to my own. I actually love waking-up with a workout. I found myself smiling broadly this morning on the way to my fitness facility and recall that’s how I awoke everyday as a child. It made me realize that as adults, we often, or at least I do, wake-up immediately thinking about our to do list instead of just being happy about the day.

Once the decision was made to part ways with the father of my children after 24 years of friendship and 18 years of marriage, I promised myself that I would make every day count and live it with passion and purpose. Of course, there are days when I don’t feel all too productive but I will try my best to live in alignment with my words, thoughts and actions. Happiness is a choice and decision!! Let it be yours and yours alone :)!!

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