Gift of friendship…

frienshipflowersHad a wonderful weekend with a dear friend I met last year in line for the bus to the start of the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon. During the period between waiting in line for the bus to the start of the 2nd half (approximately 2 hours), we managed to share enough of our life stories to realize we had enough in common to stay in touch as she lives in So Cal and I in No Cal.

After a year, we reunited this past weekend to run the SF Full. We picked-up from where we left-off and with neither of us training for distance as running has not been part of my regular exercise routine and she was in recovery mode, we finished together with a smile and injury-free having jogged and walked it in 6 hours (or as I have termed it, jalk).

I had hesitations and doubts about 26.2 miles without ever having run more than 13.1 but she is a regular runner and paced us. I also knew that this was to be an experience about friendship and inspiration and not time and a race and, consequently, it was the most enjoyable race I have participated in. The weekend made me realize even more how important dear and true friends are to our well-being. Take the time and make the effort to nurture true and dear friends as they are the ones who fill-in the gaps in our lives.

In the photo, we are wearing our friendship flowers she gifted me.  The story behind the company and women who created the flower is an inspiring one found at

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