The Gift of Giving…


Each month at the facility where I train, a member is recognized for their contributions, achievements and otherwise to the community and June was my month.  I was honored by the recognition but because of its culture, I wanted to re-dedicate the ceremonial sledgehammer back to the community and head coach and owner, Brian Nunez, for all its been to me this past year. The facility is more than just fitness, it’s a supportive, motivating and inspiring community with a leader like none other.

I shared a few words that day…What I learned most from FNS and Brian is the gift of giving, that is, giving with no expectation and with genuine intention.  If you are able to do this, you will never be disappointed (as with all in life when you release expectations) and be in total control of your feelings because your intention has been set.

In life, at the very core and, at the end of the day, we need to do what is right for ourselves because we are the ones living our life and walking our footsteps.  We need to assume full responsibility for the quality of our life by the decisions and choices we make from small to big, daily to long-term.  When I say our life, as a Mom, I realize my children are at the heart of my life so I consider them (of course) but I am an individual who needs to be at peace and happy with myself so I am that with them.

Love, Passion, Truth and BELIEVE!!

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