“It’s not what happens to you. It’s what you do with what happens to you.” ~ Chris Waddell (friend, fellow alum and most decorated paralympic athlete)


When I created this blog in September 2011, I had no idea it would be a journal of my thoughts and experiences and where I’m at in my life today.  I set-out with the intention to chronicle my journey from diapers to dreams wanting to stick to a format but, instead, I find myself writing what I’m thinking at the moment.  I see this as a metaphor to my life of should’s which were college, work, marriage and kids but instead what’s transpired is unexpected as a wife, Mom, individual and now divorcee.

I think the dreams we are born with and believe in as children are the most closely aligned with our heart and passion because I’m finding that what I want are my childhood dreams. My challenge now is to balance my live in the moment modus with my long-term goals and purpose which is to inspire other women/Moms’ who are in a similar situation as myself to believe that individuality and life aren’t defined only by the role of Mom and wife.  There are moments and days now when I do have uncertainties about the decision I am living, but, I know in my heart, it is the right one.  So with this in mind, I will not stop until I am living my dream and I am here hoping we all do the same.

To dreams: having, believing and living them!!  If the desire/your why is strong enough, you will find a way to realize it.  Determination is key and, as parents, we know how difficult it is to ‘control’ even a 10 lb muscle at the age of 6 plus months!!  They only know what they want at that moment and they do all they can to get it!! The key to their success in getting us to give-in are two-fold: determination and focus :)!!

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