A story with a soul…let it be yours…

marktwainI distinctly remember the day I walked into a fitness facility November 2007 when my fitness journey commenced and, unbeknownst to me at the time, that it would be a journey…Preceding that day, I struggled to even get there as I had postponed the appointment a few times since it was during the whirlwind of the holidays in mid-November.

The trainer I was assigned to knew that it was important to get the client in while there was a remote interest because delay is the enemy of exercise with those who aren’t yet living the lifestyle.  I wanted to wait until January but he insisted on meeting right away. When we met, I was mortified to discover I had been assigned to a former bodybuilder because I was already intimidated.  Since he was new to the facility, he was the only trainer available to accommodate my narrow time frame from 1-2pm daily while my children were in school.

From that point on, I was encouraged, educated and held accountable for at least showing-up and working-out as hard as I could since it was only 1 hour twice a week.  I did wonder when my body might start changing since I had added a new component.  My trainer kept emphasizing the diet component.  It wasn’t until I contracted a stomach bug and my appetite diminished and I saw change by default that I realized how important diet was to overall results.  Underneath some of the weight, were the muscles that were strengthening and now more visible.  People took notice and asked what I was doing.  I now realize it is a very simple equation of input and output.  Diet comprises approximately 70% of the weight loss and appearance equation. My advice to anyone starting-out is to join a facility, find a class or start a group where you are held accountable.  I need structure and having a personal trainer to get me started was instrumental.

Once I was in a routine, I explored more cost-effective options on my own and found my way to a cardio kickboxing studio.  During the class, I looked around and could easily have been taking an entirely different class as I tried to replicate and execute moves I had never seen before!  What an experience.  The owner asked how I enjoyed the workout and I said, “I’ve never sweat this much in my life”.  I scheduled a private so I could learn the proper form cause I knew for certain my punches and kicks were nothing like anyone else’s.  Slowly I began to fully appreciate the workout and benefits and it became my primary form of exercise. After being asked if I was an instructor myself at a few different facilities, I made it a goal to learn and teach the very class I was benefitting from and enjoyed: cardio kickboxing.  I became group fitness certified and then taught cardio kickboxing at a few facilities.

Today, I am retired from teaching indefinitely as I transition into the next phase of my life as a divorced Mom of two seeking to inspire and help women find their passion as I found mine in fitness.  I share this story because people see me today as someone who might have always lived fitness but I didn’t and hadn’t.  I too struggled with a starting point and motivation and it was a step-by-step process of self-motivation, support and external accountability.  As my children’s school schedule allowed me to devote more time and as I gained momentum in terms of how I looked and felt, it became what it is today.  I am not on a program with an end date or goal but rather living an active lifestyle because of how it makes me feel.  How I look is something that just transpired over the years and which I am thankful for but never imagined what it would be.

I started this blog as friends and family encouraged me to share my story as they all mentioned that someone might find it helpful to hear how I transitioned into an active lifestyle and as a Mom.  The blog today is my public journal of experiences and thoughts of what I am experiencing with the hopes of helping inspire other Moms’/women to make changes to be happy.

The decision to divorce was based on many factors and everyone and anyone who is faced with this decision knows it’s a very personal one…Since the decision has been made, I am committed to living my life of passion and truth whatever that may be.  My dream is to continue with fitness but also to be a part of entertainment. I am in the midst of figuring-out how to make my dreams reality as I continue blogging, reaching-out to celebrity Moms’ for online interviews, applying for a press pass and living dreams like I did when I attended the Billboard Music Awards 2013 in Vegas and made my way to the stage with a 2nd level seat.

Without dreams, life is a series of tasks and, as I quote someone, a story without a soul.  Think of the moments when you feel alive and in your zone, it’s a place you would want to be everyday and as often as you can.  As long as I am doing all I can to propel myself towards my dream, I am living my truth. Believe!!

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