Balancing passion with goals…

943403_10151628324978701_2109053584_nYesterday was one of the most emotional days of recent memory where I found myself so uncertain of a process and decision I have been living for a year. As an emotionally driven person, I realize how important long-term goal setting is so that my daily actions serve rather than distract me. I live in the moment and believe that life is passion in motion but I also realize that there must be a balance between the two so we aren’t living to do lists and reacting to our day.

Yesterday was my first birthday knowing that I will soon be on my own but we are still living together as a family for another month. Daddy designed a cake for me and our daughter carried it out at our friend’s home where we are all equally friends and who have lived the process of our divorce with us. They have been amazing and supportive but I realize they are in transition as well with how they will interact with us in the future.

Life is a process: we have the power of choices and decisions and, once made, we must move forward. In our case, I am thankful we have been able to maintain a friendship and I think we will appreciate each other far more as friends than partners as sad as it is for all.

Take a moment each day to be thankful, reflect and reassess so that when you look back upon your life, you are smiling! Believe!!

Attached is a photo of one of my favorite athletes, Rafa Nadal, because he epitomizes passion in motion and balancing long-term goals with daily action.  His dedication and passion to his craft define his moments on the court producing the best shots and points of each and every match.  It’s easy to lose sight of where we are going in the midst of our day especially as Moms’.

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