“Why you? Why not YOU?!”

Woke-up this morning asking myself the question, “why me then why not me?” as a wise young soul asked me once. My struggle is to BELIEVE in myself despite what I may think people are thinking or not because looking back, I want to say with certainty I assumed full responsibility for the decisions I made and the life I lived.

I started a blog 2 years ago at the suggestion of family and friends to share what they thought was worth sharing: shifting from an inactive to active lifestyle. It’s been almost 2 years since posting in my blog.

My struggle right now is asking myself, who am I to be sharing my journey as there are so many inspiring amazing individuals out there who are living daily battles but if I ask that question I will allow self-doubt and fear to dictate my life. I share with those whom may relate to my journey because I know I’m not unique. I am a middle-aged Mom of two who decided a year ago to change the quality of both my life and someone else’s after trying to make it work. I’ve been asked, “is this the right decision?” And I wonder, what is the right decision. Will I ever know? The right decision is the decision made by choice based on one’s priorities. A decision once made can’t be questioned because then one will always wonder with uncertainty so we must move forward…

My blog is about this journey and how my life has transpired since having our first child…I should be a lot of things I am not because of the definition attached to labels such as Mom, middle age, women…but I am not a label, I am an individual with choices…

Ask yourself what you WANT because only YOU know…The best part of asking this question is that you have control of the decisions and choices to create the life you WANT!!

My strength and purpose is fueled by each and everyone of your belief in yourselves. This is all we could ever ask for…Believe.  I share a photo of my dear paternal Grandmother who was an amazing role model to our family.  She lived a selfless life always thinking of others but she lived it her way. She was one of a handful of women who graduated from Nanjing University for her generation. She went on to find a school for orphans and was asked by the worldwide leader of the YWCA to head the Y in Hong Kong.  She helped so many people because that is the life she CHOSE.  I dedicate this entry to her because thinking of her provides me strength to move on and push through.  To Grandma Tan with love.

Amazing role model to our family

Amazing role model to our family

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