The Power of Vulnerability…being YOU and living in your ZONE…

Don’t be afraid to be yourself because the beauty of each of us lies in our difference and who we are. My closest friends were made when I was vulnerable as a new Mom. As I’ve matured, living ME is no longer a question but a way of life because I am motivated by the “fear of regret” and no longer “the fear of failure”. I live each moment with my heart on my sleeve because that is ME and living in MY ZONE. Find your ME and ZONE and you won’t want to live your life any other way. Have a great day!!

“courage to be imperfect, compassion with yourself and connection as a result of authenticity (let go of what you think you should be to be who you are) and fully embrace vulnerability as being necessary and beautiful and willingness to share feelings first, and to do something without guarantees”
~ Brene Brown

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