Are you living today that will leave you smiling back upon one day?

A very powerful exercise that was done at a seminar I attended almost a decade ago, had the audience imagine their life 5 years out if they were to make NO CHANGES. The audience was left sobbing, weeping and crying audibly. It was a very powerful moment for those who realized they couldn’t and didn’t want to live the same life…

If you are not happy with life as it is today then changes need to be made.  The first step is awareness then the what if and when.  Change is unsettling and can be scary but it is also an opportunity and a choice.  Create the opportunities and make the choices that will leave you looking back upon today with a smile and not regret.  I am living a change that was a result of what will probably be the most difficult decision of my life that was made a year ago. I will share it in an upcoming post.  It required every bit of strength and is frightening but it’s a choice I made to live my truth.

Here is a beautiful quote that represents my purpose. My strength will surely come from helping others by sharing my journey…Thank you NM for sharing this quote.Image

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