Friend: “I need help with my tummy and love handles”…

  • Friend:

    I have not had a chance to search or visit the sites, but I most certainly will. To answer your questions about my eating, I am not so consistent with breakfast, but I eat healthy at lunch and dinner. I try not to eat too much rice, pasta or bread. I do love meat and I always have veggies. Not so much a fruit person tho. I have the worst belly from my 3rd child so it might just be loose skin, but I do have extra weight I need to get off. I have just started exercising so that might help too. Thank you so much for the tips. I need all the help I can get. I will give you progress updates and you can feel free to kick me into gear when I need it!! If only I can look like you!

  • Me:

    I think the diet and increased exercise will definitely help.

    I tell all my friends’ it’s no secret formula: the input and output and diet:exercise ratio. The key is your “why” to getting fitter and making changes. The “why” will keep you motivated.  If fitness and health are not a lifestyle, it won’t be sustainable and using an external form of motivation (i.e. reunion) won’t be long-term.

    Make small changes but be consistent, forgiving and flexible. If you eat more one meal or day, make accommodations by eating less the next day. Also, find an exercise you enjoy or join a group for accountability so you have a time and place you need to be/meet. Your exercise has to be convenient so it becomes a matter of routine, otherwise, it won’t be done consistently.

    So, it’s a lifestyle of consistent changes but, most importantly, as with any success in life, you have to really want it and the “why” has to be powerful and the motivating factor.

    No secret and you can do it!!!

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